220V to  5V 0,7A AC DC Güç Kaynağı


AC-DC 5V 700mA 3.5W Güç Kaynağı

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5V 700mA 3.5W AC-DC Precision Buck Converter AC 220v to 5v DC step down power supply module


  • This power source for the isolation industrial-grade module power supply, temperature protection, over current protection and short circuit protection, high and low voltage isolation    
  • AC85 ~ 265 v wide voltage input, ac/dc current ,431 precision voltage stability DC5V output    
  • Small size, stable performance, cost-effective    


  • Input voltage: AC 85 ~ 265 v 50/60 hz or DC 100~ 370 v    
  • Imput current: 0.0273A(AC110V) 0.014A(AC220V)    
  • Input Inrush Current: 20A    
  • Output voltage: DC 5V (+ / - 0.2 V)    
  • Output current 700 mA    
  • Power 3.5 W    
  • Operating temperature -20~60 degree    
  • Relative humidity 40-90%RH    
  • Output 5V, min current 0a, max current 700mA, peak current: 800mA, output range: 4.8~5.2v, ripple wave: 60mV    
  • Output power:0-4W(DC current)    
  • Output efficiency: 80%    
  • Switch machine overshoot: MAX 10%    
  • Output voltage rise time: MAX 100MS    
  • Output over voltage: 4.8-5.2V, recovery:Lock, restart after recovery    
  • Output over power protection:YES ,recovery:Lock, restart after recovery    
  • Short-circuit protection: YES, automatic recovery after problem solved    
  • Temperature protection: YES,recovery:Lock, restart after recovery    
  • Overcurrent protection: YES,recovery:Lock, restart after recovery    

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  • 1 Adet  220V to  5V 0,7A AC DC Güç Kaynağı


The End of the Step Down Module Can Be Conductive, Do Not Touch The Bottom of Template when you Test or to Use, Need Mattress Insulator Pad, Clean Cardboard Conductive things, Avoid Power Board contact to conductive objects such as Wire, so as to Avoid Electric Shock And Burn Out The Power Supply Board.


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220V to 5V 0,7A AC DC Güç Kaynağı

  • Marka: OEM
  • Ürün Kodu: 220V to 5V 0.7A
  • Stok Durumu: Stokta var
  • Fiyat : 10,00TL
  • KDV Dahil : 11,80TL

Etiketler: 220V to 5V 0.7A AC DC Güç Kaynağı, AC-DC 5V 700mA 3.5W Power Supply