New Product 4-20ma to Voltaj Çevirici Modül


4-20ma to Voltaj Çevirici Modül


      Voltage switch current module can convert 0-5V voltage signal into 4-20mA current signal. In the process of signal transmission circuit voltage signal will become weak with transmission distance increased, the transmission can be avoided using weak electric current signal.


  • Power supply voltage: DC 12V~24V.
  • Input voltsge signal: 0~5V.
  • Output current: 4-20mA.
  • Module size :5.5*2.5cm
  • zero and span can be adiusted (potentiometer adjustment).
  • with the isolated nature of the non-optically isolated.


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4-20ma to Voltaj Çevirici Modül

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