LTC1865 16BIT 250k ADC


LTC1865 - µPower, 16-Bit, 250ksps 1- and 2-Channel ADCs


The LTC1864/LTC1865 are 16-bit A/D converters that are offered in MSOP and SO-8 packages and operate on a single 5V supply. At 250ksps, the supply current is only 850µA. The supply current drops at lower speeds because the LTC1864/LTC1865 automatically power down between conversions. These 16-bit switched capacitor successive approximation ADCs include sample-and-holds. The LTC1864 has a differential analog input with an adjustable reference pin. The LTC1865 offers a software-selectable 2-channel MUX and an adjustable reference pin on the MSOP version.

The 3-wire, serial I/O, small MSOP or SO-8 package and extremely high sample rate-to-power ratio make these ADCs ideal choices for compact, low power, high speed systems.

These ADCs can be used in ratiometric applications or with external references. The high impedance analoginputs and the ability to operate with reduced spans down to 1V full scale, allow direct connection to signal sources in many applications, eliminating the need for external gain stages.



  •     16-Bit 250ksps ADCs in MSOP Package
  •     Single 5V Supply
  •     Low Supply Current: 850µA (Typ)
  •     Auto Shutdown Reduces Supply Current to 2µA at 1ksps
  •     True Differential Inputs
  •     1-Channel (LTC1864) or 2-Channel (LTC1865) Versions
  •     SPI/MICROWIRE™ Compatible Serial I/O
  •     16-Bit Upgrade to 12-Bit LTC1286/LTC1298
  •     Pin Compatible with 12-Bit LTC1860/LTC1861
  •     Guaranteed Operation to +125°C (MSOP Package)
                       LTC1865 Typical Application

Number of Bits    16
Sampling Rate (Per Second)    250k
Number of Inputs    2
Input Type    Differential, Single Ended
Data Interface    SPI
Configuration    S/H-ADC
Ratio - S/H:ADC    1:1
Number of A/D Converters    1
Architecture    SAR
Reference Type    External
Voltage - Supply, Analog    5V
Voltage - Supply, Digital    5V
Features    -
Operating Temperature    0°C ~ 70°C
Package / Case    8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package    8-SOIC

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LTC1865 16BIT 250k ADC

  • Fiyat : 40,00TL
  • KDV Dahil : 47,20TL

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