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     The TPS2049 power-distribution switch is intended for applications where heavy capacitive loads and short circuits are likely to be encountered. This device incorporates a 600-m N-channel MOSFET power switch for power-distribution systems that require only one power distribution path. The switch is controlled by a logic enable input. Gate drive is provided by an internal charge pump designed to control the power-switch rise times and fall times to minimize current surges during switching. The charge pump requires no external components and allows operation from supplies as low as 2.7V.

     When the output load exceeds the current-limit threshold or a short is present, the device limits the output current to a safe level by switching into a constant-current mode, pulling the overcurrent (OC) logic output low. When continuous heavy overloads and short circuits increase the power dissipation in the switch, causing the junction temperature to rise, a thermal protection circuit shuts off the switch to prevent damage. Recovery from a thermal shutdown is automatic once the device has cooled sufficiently. Internal circuitry ensures the switch remains off until valid input voltage is present. This power-distribution switch is designed to set current limit at 150mA typically.



  •     100-mA Continuous Current
  •     600-m High-SideMOSFET
  •     Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection
  •     Operating Range: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  •     0.6-ms Typical Rise Time
  •     Undervoltage Lockout
  •     Deglitched Fault Report (OC)
  •     43 µA Quiescent Supply Current
  •     1-µA Maximum Standby Supply Current
  •     SOIC-8 Package
  •     Ambient Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
  •     2 µS Response Time to Short Circuit


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