PAM8403 2x3w Amplifier Board With Volume Control


Mini 5V PAM8403 Audio Power Amplifier Module Board 2 Channel With Volume Control


  •     PAM8403 is a small digital amplifier chip, high-definition sound highlights the advantages of digital chips
  •     The circuit uses the most reasonable peripheral configuration, power supply filter is upgraded to 470uf
  •     1.6mm glass sheet, the real power amplifier board to do the most meticulous, the output 3W +3 W high-fidelity sound quality,
  •     Amplifier enthusiasts rare good products, potentiometer using the original anti-body,
  •     Potentiometer with switch reversible clock can be directly cut off the power supply
  •     Power supply range: 2.5-5.5V
  •     Minimum output: 2x3W (5V 4?)
  •     Dimensions: 29.5 * 20.2 * 15mm


please make sure the power supply is not more than 5.5V and
please don't do reverse polarity for "+" and "-", or else, it will burn the board.



  •     5,5V üzerinde voltajlarda modül bozulur.
  •     Ters voltajda modül bozulur.


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PAM8403 2x3w Amplifier Board With Volume Control

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